iPhone and Android: Can they co-exist in the same house?

Even before the Surface Duo(my current phone) was rumored to exist and run Android, I had been thinking about switching over to Android from my iPhone.  When Google announced the Pixel 3a, it was a lower cost device with stock Android that would help with the transition away from iPhone. Up until this point, my wife, my teenager and myself all had iPhones and used some of the Apple ecosystem for shared calendars, and other things family's should use for communication and collaboration. I hadn't used an Android phone since the first Android phone launched on Verizon, the Moto Droid, so switching to Android would present some challenges.   I prefer to use apps and services that work across any type of device, especially since I like to tinker and play with all the different kinds of phones/tablets/computers.  I am known for switching back and forth between phones, which drives my wife and teenager crazy, since there are a few annoyances between interoperability of iPhone and Andr


Welcome to My Life with Tech.  My name is John and I will be sharing my thoughts, reviews and ideas about different technology and how it incorporates with my life and the life of my family. From smart home tech to streaming music and video services, I will share my experiences with everything. I believe that technology should enhance life and make things easier. But first...A little background on me. I have been working in tech professionally for the past 15 years.  I love new technology, and I'm pretty sure I annoy my wife with that excitement sometimes.  Speaking of my wife, I have one, she's pretty awesome and probably sometimes wonders what she's gotten herself into having a tech geek/nerd as a husband. We have 3 children in various age groups; a driving teenager, a school age future gamer/streamer, and a strong willed toddler.